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Ponsse Gazelle

The PONSSE Gazelle's efficiency and reliability are based on highest-quality components and most sophisticated manufacturing technology available today. The Gazelle's compact and agile appearance hides the raw power contained within: its efficient, four-cylinder Mercedes-Benz diesel engine, powerful K70+ loader and large tractive force, combined with the modern OptiControl integrated control system, guarantee a level of effectiveness unprecedented in this size class.

The low net weight, tight turning radius, optimally shaped bunks and balanced weight distribution of the PONSSE Gazelle mean that even harvesting sites with the most fragile natural environment can be treated gently and with respect. The stable base machine and powerful loader also help  the operator harvest wood at maximum reach without harming standing timber. Environmental awareness is one of the defining features of the Gazelle.

A tough and efficient 129 kW Mercedes-Benz diesel engine produces power for the 145 cm3 working pump, ensuring smooth loader operation. The powerful engine and excellent terrain features mean that driving while loaded is also smooth and efficient.

Technical details - PONSSE Gazelle


Minimum weight, 8-wheeler
13 400 kg (29,540 lbs)
Typical weight, 8-wheeler
14 000 kg (30,860 lbs)
8 830 - 9 080 mm (347-357.5 in) + glide bunk 610 mm (24 in)
2 450-2 690 mm (96-106 in)
Ground clearance
600 mm (24 in)
Transportation height
3 710 mm (146 in)
Steering angle
± 44º
Outer turning radius (short rear frame)
7,5 m


Slewing torque (gross)
K70+ 24.5 kNm
Crane turning angle
Lifting moment (gross)
K70+ 106 kNm
K70+ 7,9 / 10 m (26 / 33 ft)


Mercedes-Benz OM904 LA EU Stage IV
129 kW (175 hp)
675 Nm / 1 200-1 600 rpm
Tractive force
130 kN (29,224 lbf)
Driving speed
0-14 mph (0-23 km/h)
Fuel tank volume
130 l (28.6 gal UK)

Hydraulic System

Control system
PONSSE OptiControl
Working pump
145 cm3
Oil tank volume
130 l (28.6 gal UK)


8-wheeler, front
600/50-22.5 or 710/40-22.5
8-wheeler, rear
600/50-22.5 or 710/40-22.5


Several different grapple alternatives

Load Space

Load carrying capacity
10 000 kg (22 046 lbs)
Load space cross-sectional area
3,8 m2 (41 sq ft)
Load space length
4 200-4 810 mm (165-189 in)+ glide bunk 610 mm (24 in)